Piney the Lonesome Pine

A Holiday Classic


By Jane West Bakerink

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Holiday traditions come in all shapes and sizes in this fun adventure following a little sapling on a journey to become an amazing Christmas tree.

Piney the Pine Tree has only ever wanted to be one thing: a special Christmas tree for a little girl named Georgie who planted him as a seed on her Grandpa Sid’s Christmas tree farm. Finally, the winter arrives when Piney is ready to make his dream come true, but he is accidentally loaded onto a truck and whisked away from the tree farm! Thus begins Piney’s adventure to find Georgie’s house and to become her Christmas tree.

Along with Georgie’s dog, Jackster, Piney travels from a recycling truck to a bus to a pine forest to a small village. In the end, Piney realizes that although he longed to be a Christmas tree, there may be something even better for him. Piney’s unexpected journey is filled with love, hope, and inspiration. Based on the Emmy® nominated special Piney: The Lonesome Pine, this book is sure to become your family’s new holiday tradition to read each year.

  • “A heartwarming purchase for all libraries. This talking evergreen—with his kindness, optimism, and energy—is sure to be a hit with students around the holidays.”
    School Library Journal

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Oct 11, 2022
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Jane West Bakerink author of Piney the Lonesome Pine

Jane West Bakerink

About the Author

Haylett Entertainment creates inspirational and stimulating content that enriches lives and promotes excellence in family entertainment. Based on the popular success of a self-published book by Jane West Bakerink, The Lonesome Pine, Haylett Entertainment, Hardy Howl Films, and Open Range Entertainment produced Piney: The Lonesome Pine in December 2020.

Jane West Bakerink is a British-born author and writer and is co-founder of Haylett Entertainment, LLC. She self-published her first children’s book, The Lonesome Pine, in 2000. She currently lives in Palos Verdes, California, with her husband and is a proud mother and grandmother.

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