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By Jacquie Walters

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A new mom in need of help opens her door to her long-estranged mother—only to invite something much darker inside—in this "fast-paced and frightening debut" (Rachel Harrison) about the long shadows cast by family secrets, perfect for readers of Grady Hendrix or Ashley Audrain.

Flora is a new mom enamored of her baby girl, Iris, who has arrived a few weeks early. But with her husband still deployed, Flora must navigate the newborn stage alone. As the sleepless nights pass in the loneliness of their half-empty home, the edges of her reality begin to blur.

Just as Flora becomes convinced she is losing her mind, a surprising guest shows up to help: Flora’s own mother, to whom she hasn’t spoken in years. Can they mend their fraught relationship? Or is there more that Flora’s mother isn’t telling her about the events that led to their estrangement?

As stranger and scarier events unfold, Flora begins to fear that her mother’s secrets have allowed something truly evil to enter her home. She must decide: is her hold on reality slipping dangerously away? Or is she, in fact, the only thing standing between a terrifying visitor and her baby? 

  • "A fast-paced and frightening debut that explores the nightmares of new motherhood, with plenty of twists and scares."
    Rachel Harrison, bestselling author of Black Sheep
  • "A raw and challenging rumination on motherhood and inherited trauma. Compassionate and compelling, Walters is a talent to watch."
    Sarah Langan, author of Good Neighbors and A Better World
  • “A truly terrifying exploration of maternal instinct, mental health, and the complex bonds between mothers and daughters. Jacquie Walters is a horror writer to watch.”
    Robyn Harding, author of The Drowning Woman
  • “A corrosive cocktail of domestic dread and parental paranoia, Dearest will turn your stomach and scare you senseless."
    Daniel Kraus, New York Times bestselling author of Whalefall
  • "Dearest by Jacquie Walters is one of the most exquisitely terrifying books I've ever read. Exceptionally written, this stunning thriller/horror explores the darkest parts of motherhood--whether we are good enough, capable enough to ensure our children survive and thrive. With mind-blowing twists, supernatural sensations, and a raw, unflinching exploration of postpartum, Dearest altered my psyche and skewered my soul."
    Samantha M. Bailey, bestselling author of A Friend in the Dark
  • "Shockingly original and genuinely disturbing, this brilliant horror novel will hit way too close to home for millions of women."
    Kirsten Miller, author of The Change
  • "An unflinching, cinematic thrill ride that examines the darkest fears inherent to motherhood…then lights them on fire. This perfectly plotted debut delivers again and again with a tense, claustrophobic start and genuinely terrifying final act."
    Anne Heltzel, author of Just Like Mother

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Sep 17, 2024
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304 pages
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Jacquie Walters

About the Author

Jacquie Walters is an Emmy-nominated writer who has sold five pilots in the last three years. She is currently adapting Melissa De La Cruz’s best-selling seven-book series BLUE BLOODS for Paramount Plus, as well as an original pilot KISMET for iTV. She recently sold two other television series to P+: FAKE PLASTIC GIRL, a young adult murder mystery based on the novel of the same name by Zara Lisbon, and EDGEWATER, a serial killer series based on two Korean films, with Miky Lee (PARASITE)/CJ Entertainment. Previously, she sold her pilot WRECKAGE, based on the novel by Emily Bleeker, to ABC with Timberman-Beverly producing and Marc Webb directing. On the staffing front, Jacquie has been staffed on Disney+’s Big Shot, NBC's multi-cam ABBY’SAmazon’s JUST ADD MAGIC and Amazon’s THE KICKS. Jacquie recently graduated from the Novel Writing Program at Stanford University and is passionate about layered mysteries, psychological anomalies, and characters with everything to hide. Dearest is her debut novel.

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