The Scholar and the Last Faerie Door


By H. G. Parry

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From the author of The Magician's Daughter comes The Scholar and the Last Faerie Door, a mythic, magical tale full of secret scholarship, faerie curses, and the deadliest spells of all—the ones that friends cast on each other. 

All they needed to break the world was a door, and someone to open it. 
Camford, 1920. Gilded and glittering, England's secret magical academy is no place for Clover, a commoner with neither connections nor magical blood. She tells herself she has fought her way there only to find a cure for her brother Matthew, one of the few survivors of a faerie attack on the battlefields of WWI which left the doors to faerie country sealed, the study of its magic banned, and its victims cursed.

But when Clover catches the eye of golden boy Alden Lennox-Fontaine and his friends, doors that were previously closed to her are flung wide open, and she soon finds herself enmeshed in the seductive world of the country's magical aristocrats. The summer she spends in Alden’s orbit leaves a fateful mark: months of joyous friendship and mutual study come crashing down when experiments go awry, and old secrets are unearthed.

Years later, when the faerie seals break, Clover knows it’s because of what they did. And she knows that she must seek the help of people she once called friends—and now doesn’t quite know what to call—if there’s any hope of saving the world as they know it. 


  • “By turns wondrous, haunting, and mysterious, The Scholar and the Last Faerie Door asks big questions and delivers all the right answers. This book is historical fantasy at its finest."
    Olivia Atwater, author of Half a Soul
  • The Scholar and the Last Faerie Door is a rare treat of a novel. H. G. Parry breathes magic and history to life—weaving the eerie lore of faerie through the glittering Jazz Age of the 1920s. I devoured this book with wide eyes and a racing heart, and I have no doubt that others will do the same.”
    Ryan Graudin, author of The Enchanted Lies of Celeste Artois
  • Praise for H. G. Parry: 

    "The Magician's Daughter is that most rare and precious thing: a brand-new classic, both wholly original and wonderfully nostalgic. It's an absolute treasure." —Alix E. Harrow, author of The Ten Thousand Doors of January

    "Brilliantly imagined. I love the way Parry blends mythic elements with wit and heart. A fast pace, period detail and an intriguing cast of real, flawed people make The Magician's Daughter a book to be absolutely devoured."—Lucy Holland, author of Sistersong

    "The Magician's Daughter is innovative fairy tale and deftly researched historical fiction in one, full of captivating magic and richly drawn characters. HG Parry crafts an evocative world rife with a struggle for equity, justice, and the occasional miracle that readers won't be able to forget."—Rowenna Miller, author of The Fairy Bargains of Prospect Hill

    "Parry has written another winning fantasy novel full of adventure, found family, and magic. This is a fully realized world that feels like a homage to the classic fantasy tales of Diana Wynne Jones...For readers who love a great fantasy adventure."—Booklist

    "A charming romp of an old-school coming of age fantasy about family and magic that will take your heart for a wild ride."—NPR

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Oct 22, 2024
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384 pages

H. G. Parry

About the Author

H.G. Parry lives in a book-infested flat on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand, which she shares with her sister, a cat, three guinea pigs, and two over-active rabbits. She holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from Victoria University of Wellington and has taught English, film, and media studies.

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