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End the IRS Before It Ends Us

End the IRS Before It Ends Us

How to Restore a Low Tax, High Growth, Wealthy America

As the recent scandal shows, the IRS is big, bad, and out of control. Grover Norquist analyzes the problems within the agency and presents solutions to rein them in.

The driving force behind the American Revolution was our forefathers’ refusal to accept unfair taxation. Citizens rose up, won a war against impossible odds, and established the most unique government on the face of the earth, with taxes set at about 2 percent.
How much has changed since 1776?
The strength of Americans resolve is still unrivaled, and Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, knows that once liberty-loving Americans learn the truth behind the oppressive and prosperity-stifling taxes we face today, they’ll rise up again.
Urging his fellow citizens to join him, Norquist tells a powerful and urgent story that will convince you we must act now to END THE IRS BEFORE IT ENDS US.
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Genre: Nonfiction / Political Science / Commentary & Opinion

On Sale: April 7th 2015

Price: $29 / $37 (CAD)

Page Count: 352

ISBN-13: 9781455585823

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Reader Reviews


In his fascinating new book, Grover Norquist takes on the IRS and makes the case for all Americans-stay out of our wallets!—Michael Reagan
Grover Norquist is America's #1 crusader for lower taxes and holding the IRS accountable. Join his fight by getting this book and take a stand!—Christopher Ruddy, CEO, Newsmax Media, Inc.
Grover Norquist to the rescue, just at the moment that too many conservatives have given up hope for sweeping, systemic tax reform. This useful, ultimately inspiring book shows it is possible, plausible, and necessary to dismantle and replace the Internal Revenue Service.—Michael Medved, nationally syndicated radio show host
The dark wizard of the Right's anti-tax cult.—Arianna Huffington
No one in modern times has fought harder to shrink the state than the founder of the group Americans for Tax Reform.—John Stossel
The person who I regard as the most innovative, creative, courageous and entrepreneurial leader of the anti-tax efforts and of conservative grassroots activism in America . . . He has truly made a difference and truly changed American history.—Newt Gingrich
Grover Norquist is Tom Paine crossed with Lee Atwater plus just a soupçon of Madame Defarge.—P.J. O'Rourke
It's because of soldiers like Grover that the conservative movement is so vibrant today and that the liberals who thought they had taken over two years ago are on the run.—Senator Mitch McConnell
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