Swimming Against the Current

Fighting for Common Sense in a World That’s Lost its Mind


By Riley Gaines

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America’s most sought-after voice in the fight to save female sports shares her unbelievable story and inspires readers to embrace common sense and truth in discussions about women's rights.

Riley Gaines has been called many things: Collegiate athlete. All-American. Champion. But in 2022, everything changed. The narrative shifted. Now, critics smeared her as: Transphobic. Narrow-minded. Evil.

What changed? Riley gave the truth a voice. She stood up, spoke out, and dared to ask questions — not just for herself, but for all female athletes who refuse to accept an ideology where "inclusivity" for trans-identifying male athletes now means treating women unfairly. 

Riley Gaines is changing minds in the process, and this highly anticipated, fearless, pro-woman book takes on controversial but critical questions we must confront about women (and sports) in America. Can't we embrace policies that give everyone the chance to compete but still protect women and ensure they have a fair shot at success?

In this book, Riley scrutinizes the perspectives of athletes on the opposing side of this debate, deconstructing their arguments with science, facts, and logic. She also asks what has happened to free speech and dissent in this country, where it now seems nearly impossible to have a well-reasoned debate. And in telling her story, Riley reveals what’s at stake if the truth-seekers remain silent about the injustices women face from radical agendas.



  • "She is remarkably brave. She is very forthright. She is extremely vivacious. She is incredibly disciplined. She's a top-rate person. She is a great role model for everyone, but particularly for young women. She stood her ground. She’s come up against some bitter and well-armed foes. But all that’s going to do is make her more than she already is and that’s something to see because she’s already quite something."
    Jordan Peterson
  • "Whether she realizes it or not, Riley is carrying so many women and girls who came before her who are living through these challenges today and those who will come after her on those powerful shoulders. You inspire me, Riley."
    Tulsi Gabbard
  • "Riley Gaines has inspired America with her brave and fearless approach to speaking the truth. Riley’s tireless crusade to save women’s sports is compelling and admirable. I personally find great inspiration from Riley and support her efforts to preserve the rights of biological women in the sports arena."
    Caitlyn Jenner
  • "A great champion…She’s been so brave."
    Donald Trump
  • "I'm grateful for advocates like Riley Gaines who continue to fight for fairness."
    Kristi Noem

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Riley Gaines

About the Author

Riley Gaines is a women’s rights activist and recent graduate of the University of Kentucky, where she was a 12x All-American swimmer, 2x Olympic Trial Qualifier, and 5x SEC Champion. Based in Nashville, she is an advisor for the Independent Women’s Forum and hosts Outkick’s “Gaines for Girls” podcast. Gaines is also the Director of the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute. She regularly appears on national media, gives speeches, and meets with legislators across the country.

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