Wear No Evil

How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe


By Greta Eagan

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Have you ever wondered, “How can I inherently do good while looking good?” Wear No Evil has the answer, and is the timely handbook for navigating both fashion and ethics. It is the style guide with sustainability built in that we’ve all been waiting for. As a consumer, you regain your power with every purchase to support the causes and conditions you already advocate in other areas of your life (such as local or organic food), while upholding your sense of self through the stylish pieces you use to create your wardrobe.

Featuring the Integrity Index (a simplified way of identifying the ethics behind any piece of fashion) and an easy to use rating system, you’ll learn to shop anywhere while building your personal style and supporting your values- all without sacrifice. Fashion is the last frontier in the shift towards conscious living. Wear No Evil provides a roadmap founded in research and experience, coupled with real life style and everyday inspiration.

Part 1 presents the hard-hitting facts on why the fashion industry and our shopping habits need a reboot.
Part 2 moves you into a closet-cleansing exercise to assess your current wardrobe for eco-friendliness and how to shop green.
Part 3 showcases eco-fashion makeovers and a directory of natural beauty recommendations for face, body, hair, nails, and makeup.

Style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. They can live in harmony. It’s time to restart the conversation around fashion — how it is produced, consumed, and discarded — to fit with the world we live in today. Pretty simple, right? It will be, once you’ve read this book.

Wear No Evil gives new meaning — and the best answers — to an age-old question: “What should I wear today?”

  • “The book holds a wealth of information that's useful both environmentally and personally, and Eagan's plea for a “reboot” of how people shop and clothe themselves is a timely entreaty for change.”
    –Publishers' Weekly
    The ultimate, all-in-one style guide with ethics built in that we've all been waiting for."
    –Sophia Bush
    "Rare is the book that speaks to your values while also providing a framework for realizing them in day to day actions. Wear No Evil does both in inspiring fashion. A must read for all who wear clothes."
    —Ben Goldhirsh, Co-Founder GOOD Magazine
    “The more we uncover what lies behind the fashion industry and the clothes we wear, the more we realize the power we have, as fashion lovers, to change it for good. Wear No Evil is a great guide on how to transform the fashion industry, one wardrobe at a time".”
    —Livia Firth, founder of Eco
    "I love this book! Finally an approachable, practical, DO-ABLE how-to on going green with your wardrobe without sacrificing an iota of style!"
    —Alysia Reiner, Actress (Orange is the New Black)

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Mar 11, 2014
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Greta Eagan

About the Author

Greta Eagan is a stylist, fashion writer, spokesperson, and sustainable-living expert. Shortly after graduating from the London College of Fashion, Greta founded fashionmegreen.com, a sustainable fashion awareness project. Both the author and her blog swiftly gained recognition as a leading source for eco-fashion and beauty. Since then Greta has been a contributor to publications in print and online including Glamour and Huffington Post, and has served as a consultant for brands such as Kate Spade, Ford Models, Refinery 29, Saatchi & Saatchi, and many more. Greta lives in New York City.

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