The Love Magic Book

Potions for Passion and Recipes for Romance


By Gillian Kemp

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Open this enchanting handbook of inspiring spells from journalist and clairvoyant Gillian Kemp and discover the magic of love, romance, and relationships.


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To my honorary and honorable adviser, Aan McCorquodale, and his wife, Bryony, Katie Beyle and her husband, Sir Peter Saunders, David and Sylvia, to the one & love, and to you, the reader also to my Yorkshire terrier, Rosie Posy.


Caraway seeds sprinkled in your lover's pockets are believed to keep the flame of your life faithful to you.

Love magic is the most potent and ancient of all magic, an eternal light that has existed since time immemorial and lives in every person. We all possess love magic as our natural source of life. It is the power that keeps us alive when we feel like dying and the power that makes us feel like dying when a lover's affections for us fade. Love magic makes the world go round as an energy that transcends Earth, space, and time. Since it is the strongest and most accessible of all magic, we can easily woo love our way by tapping into this love life source. Two people in love exude a physical glow, a flowing and electrical energy visible to others. This love light is just as much within you as it is in all that you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. Love magic doubles every power you possess; linking to this power is like putting a plug into an electrical socket. By connecting to this source, you can establish a love link with every living part of nature; love light will enter your life eternally. In aligning yourself with this frequency, you can harness the living power of love and easily influence romance. Supernatural forces ruled by love will then become sympathetic to your inner resonance and will obey the laws of nature you invoke through magic to accelerate the natural process of life. By treading the mystical pathway, you will find the love you seek. Such love magic has been at work since the mythical days of Cupid, whose arrows still pierce the hearts of the lovelorn. Throughout history, Cupid's arrows have found their mark with legendary lovers such as Cleopatra and Mark Antony, and Romeo and Juliet. You can sense love magic in the magnetic thrill you feel when someone attracts you. Time stands still and all else pales as the flame of passion is ignited and a chain reaction begins. Love magic spells work by enhancing the link between you and the one you desire by calling on the assistance of influential divine powers. Love acts as a catalyst to make your wishes materialize. Your inner thoughts send magnetic vibrations into the ether, or energy, creating waves that extend outside yourself. When you feel someone's glance, you are sensing the etheric waves from that person. The ether has tides like the sea, with waves of increasing strength that determine what will happen. You can either harmonize or conflict with these forces of change. Since the ether is influenced by your thoughts, it is a subtler plane of energy than matter and can be permeated by words. Spells are words of power that control the driving impulse in the ether, the invisible energy behind things that can be seen. Magic is simply concentrating and directing your focused thoughts to any aim or person to achieve a desired result. Knowing your own heart is most important. The rest is as simple as aiming a ball at a net or a dart at a dartboard. The spells that follow will help you aim Cupid's arrow to find your own true love. You can also reverse the power of spells if you have a change of heart. All this and more await you in these magical pages.

Attracting Love

It is natural to love another person. Love is both ecstatic happiness and deep despair, both sweet and bitter. Your mind may advise you not to love a worthless or unfaithful person, but the heart will continue to love because it cannot accept reason. When wishing for a new relationship, be wise. When you first fall in love, you see a fantasy of the person because you do not know the real him or her. You imagine that you know this person, but you don't see the flaws, because only his or her best side is being shown to you. Remember that in each relationship you risk losing your heart to love. Here are spells and potions to attract your heart's desire.

To meet your intended

Place two pink candles in candleholders and arrange them next to each other, a foot apart. One candle represents you and the other symbolizes your sweet-heart. Tie a knot of red ribbon, cord, or string loosely around the candleholders. On the next day, untie the ribbon, move the candleholders closer, and tie them together again. Light both candles and let them burn for a while, then snuff them out. Do this for three, five, seven, or nine days until the candleholders are touching on the last day. Sit with the candles while they burn on the final day, then snuff them out. Untie the ribbon and keep it among your personal possessions for protection as a love amulet.

To aim and fire cupid's arrow

Take a red candle, as red represents life and passion. The light in the flame symbolizes the good power in a person. With a pin, inscribe the name of the one you love around the top of the candle. Pierce the inscription with a new pin, pressing it through the wick so the pin tip emerges on the opposite side of the candle. As you press the pin into the wax, say: "Through your name to the wick, I aim for your heart with this candle I prick." Place the candle in a holder and position the pin tip so that it faces the direction in which your lover lives. Light the candle and sit with it while sending love to your desired. When the flame has burned through the name and pin, snuff out the candle. The candle can be relit at another time, but should be buried with the pin once it is too small to light.

Carry arise and love will follow. Another way to attract a new love is to write the name of your intended in red ink on a bay leaf and wear the leaf in your shoe. Bay, ruled by the sun, will bring sunshine into the places you go and the people you meet.

To attract a new romance

Cast this spell on a night when the new moon is a crescent in the sky. Place a pink rose and a red rose in a narrow-stemmed vase. At a few minutes before midnight, sprinkle three drops of rose oil into the vase's water. Within fourteen days, a new person will enter your life. If you like this person, place the roses in a clean, white envelope. Sleep with the envelope under your pillow and speak the name of your intended three times before going to sleep. You will draw your desired to you.

To beckon a heart to yours

On a Friday night, write your intended's name in red ink on nine small pieces of red paper to ignite passion. Wrap a pinch of dried mint in each piece of paper or smear each piece with mint oil. Throw one of the packets into a hearth or bonfire and speak your lover's name repeatedly until the packet has burned away. Do the same with the remaining eight sachets, and as each one burns, your love will grow closer.

To receive a telephone call or e-mail

Take a whole nutmeg and wrap it in a red ribbon while saying: "[Name of person], you will contact me." Light a white candle for purity and place the wrapped nutmeg in front of the candle as it burns for an hour. The nutmeg represents your lover's brain; the ribbon represents your desires. The ribbon will transfer your wish to the one you long for and will prompt him or her to get in touch with you. Snuff out the candle and keep the nutmeg in its wrapping by your telephone or computer. The one you desire should call or e-mail within seven days. To encourage more contact, write your love interest's name in cursive writing in a semicircular shape, using green ink on blue paper. Join your own name with the name of the one you desire, continuing the semicircle until it is a complete circle. Repeat the writing seven times on top of the original lettering. Sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil onto the paper and rub the oil over the paper. (Mercury, the planet that governs communication, also rules lavender.) Place the piece of paper under your computer or telephone. As the scent fades, rub more lavender oil onto the piece of paper bearing your names to continue the contact with your desired one.

Love at your door


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Gillian Kemp

About the Author

Gillian Kemp is a bestselling author, clairvoyant and astrologer. As a journalist she met Olive Cox, the last Romany girl in Britain to be born, marry, and bear her own children in a horse-drawn caravan.

Gillian’s horoscopes regularly appear in national and local newspapers, and she was previously a resident astrologer for many British magazines.

As a clairvoyant she has contributed live card and crystal ball readings to many BBC and local radio stations and has been interviewed on television about her books. Numerous national and local newspapers and radio stations have interviewed Gillian about her books.

Since the first publication of The Good Spell Book, a bestseller, Gillian has worked full time as an author, with a total of eleven books published wordwide. She continues to entertain as a clairvoyant medium at parties in top hotels and restaurants. She also gives one-to-one readings to individual clients.

She lives in England with her beloved Yorkshire terrier, Lily, from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Gillian’s website is

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