You're No Spring Chicken


By Ed Fischer

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Laugh-out-loud cartoons, quotes, and elder tales.

Join Ed Fischer and many of the world’s best authors, comedians, and statesmen, as well as folks who could be your next-door neighbors, as they take a comical and sometimes whimsical look at life’s golden years. People over 50 who have developed a keen sense of humor from a lifetime of hard and soft knocks will find this book’s cartoons, quotes, and anecdotes genuinely funny. From achy joints to Social Security to other maladies of aging, getting older is a little easier when reading You’re No Spring Chicken!


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Jul 1, 2007
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128 pages
Running Press

Ed Fischer

About the Author

Ed Fischer in an independent editorial cartoonist and is syndicated in ninety newspapers. His cartoons have been reprinted in Time, Newsweek magazine, the New Yorker and in the World Book Encyclopedia, as well as many textbooks, newsletters, and other publications.

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