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The Ark of Taste

Delicious and Distinctive Foods That Define the United States

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Aug 22, 2023

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Explore the heritage foods that give the United States its culinary identity, in this visual encyclopedia for curious eaters and gardeners.

The Ark of Taste is a living catalog of our nation's food heritage preserving treasures passed down for generations—some rare, some endangered, all delicious.

Created by Slow Food USA, the Ark shines light on history, identity, and taste through these unique food products, featuring recipes and the stories of how they reach our tables In these pages you'll learn about:
  • Carolina Gold rice
  • Wellfleet oysters
  • Cherokee Purple tomatoes
  • Tupelo honey
  • The Moon and Stars watermelon
  • Black Republican cherries
  • Candy Roaster squash, and more
These foods reflect our country's diversity. By championing them, we keep them in production and on our plates, while promoting a more equitable alternative to industrial agriculture.

The Ark of Taste is a vital resource for all of us who spend the summer searching for that perfectly ripe peach or heirloom tomato—or who are simply looking for the next good thing to eat. 

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