Rest More, Stress Less, and Live the Life You Actually Want


By Courtney Carver

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From the author of Soulful Simplicity and Project 333, a collection of 30 practices to overcome chronic overwhelm, cultivate self-compassion, and find permission to do less—perfect for readers of Rest is Resistance and Wintering.

Written by minimalism expert and celebrated author Courtney Carver, Gentle is the “don’t do it all” self-help book you need to live with less stress and more ease, less overwhelm and more joy by uncovering the Gentle You. 
     Grounded in self-compassion and a fierce commitment to less, becoming the Gentle You isn’t about taking the easy road. It’s a practice of real self-care that, over time, will soothe your nervous system and strengthen your relationships.
     Organized into three parts—Rest, Less, and Rise—30 challenges and simple practices will help readers radically and (yes) gently shift their pace, headspace, and heart.
     It’s time to find strength in your softness, fierceness in your flexibility, and to finally rise—not by pushing through but by connecting with the Gentle You, standing in your light and honoring the person you are. 

  • "If you want to live more intentionally and feel liberated in your life, Gentle can help guide you there. This is a beautiful call in for us all."
    Alexandra Elle, New York Times Bestselling Author of How We Heal

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Feb 18, 2025
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288 pages

Courtney Carver

About the Author

Courtney Carver is the author of Soulful Simplicity and Project 333, and and The Simplicity Space, a membership program and community full of mostly women who are reducing stress and simplifying life. She also co-hosts The Soul & Wit Podcast with her daughter, Bailey. She has been featured in countless articles, podcasts, interviews, including O, The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Vogue, Success, BBC, The Guardian,, Good Morning America, CNN, USA Today, Forbes, PBS, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

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