Intuitive Manifesting

Align with Your Inner Wisdom and Attract Your Dream Life

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By Brigit Esselmont

Read by Brigit Esselmont

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Create your dream future by tapping into your deepest intuition and manifesting your goals, all with the help of Brigit Esselmont, world-renowned founder of Biddy Tarot and author of Everyday Tarot

Have you ever wanted to manifest your wildest dreams, but weren't sure where to begin? The answer lies in Intuitive Manifesting, a practical, inspirational guide to tapping into your most powerful tool in attracting your brightest future—your own intuition! By learning how to tap into this limitless resource, you will supercharge your manifestation powers, create soul-aligned goals, and build a toolkit of resources to achieve what you want. 

Author and founder of the leading online tarot resource Biddy Tarot, Brigit Esselmont, guides you on a path of discovering your manifesting superpowers, as you learn what manifestation truly means (it's more than just putting pictures on a vision board!) Her four step process will teach you to:
  • Envision Your Future
  • Take Aligned Action
  • Clear Blockages
  • Amplify Your Results

This clear path will be paved with key questions, journal prompts, visualization exercise, and more to help you achieve the most powerful manifestations you can imagine. Throughout, you'll discover how to use tarot cards as a secret weapon to connect with your intuition and guide your manifestations.

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Oct 22, 2024
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Brigit Esselmont

About the Author

Brigit Esselmont is one of the world's best-known and most beloved Tarot readers and teachers. She has grown Biddy Tarot into a global enterprise, with a website, podcast, books, and a newsletter. She regularly teaches and inspires millions of Tarot lovers, influencing them to live a more mindful and enlightened life with Tarot as their guide. She lives in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia with her husband and two daughters.

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