How to Grow, Reimagine, and Create Beauty with Pansies and Violas


By Brenna Estrada

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“The first book of its kind; a must-add to your garden library. Brenna is the pansy queen!” —Erin Benzakein, Floret


An indispensable guide to the next big thing in flowers, this gorgeous reimagination of pansies brings to life the intricate details, colors, and textures of a resilient flower brimming with personality—a must-have in every garden and arrangement.
Pansies is the big idea flower book we’ve all been waiting for.
While working at the famed Floret Flower Farm, Brenna Estrada was so inspired by the pansies being grown, she began to trial hundreds of varieties of pansies and violas on her own farm, developing a huge following of growers and floral designers. Her innovative approach to growing in full sun results in pansies with long stems, breathtaking fragrance, and unique color. With the instincts of a collector, Brenna encourages gardeners and flower enthusiasts to see the pansy as a reliable, elegant showstopper flower that brings drama, whimsy, and diversity to every garden and arrangement.
Filled with stunning photography that brings to life the intricate details, colors, and textures of this diverse and colorful flower, Pansies is an indispensable guide for growers, florists, artists, and collectors. Readers will discover:
  • The fascinating history of pansies and violas, from their origination as a wildflower to a necessary adornment in every household garden 
  • Everything you need to know about growing pansies (and how to save pansy seeds!)
  • How to keep pansies healthy and resilient all year round 
  • Inspiration for incorporating pansies in crafts, recipes, and in the apothecary
  • Inspiring examples of knockout bouquets and arrangements
  • Lush profiles on 50 varieties of pansies and violas available today, with information on color, bloom size, season, fragrance, and each cultivar’s personality as a cut flower

  • “This delightful book does a deep dive into the beautiful world of pansies, chronicling their rich history, providing detailed growing instructions, seed-saving tricks, and secrets to producing the longest stems for cutting, along with profiles for 50 stunning varieties. Brenna is the pansy queen and her love for these precious flowers shines through every page. Pansies is the first book of its kind and is a must-add to your garden library.”
    Erin Benzakein, Floret

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Mar 11, 2025
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240 pages
Timber Press

Brenna Estrada

About the Author

Brenna Estrada is an accomplished flower farmer who has built a dedicated following through the sharing of her extensive collection of pansies. Raised in the Pacific Northwest in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains, Estrada spent her childhood hiking mossy trails sheltered by towering pines and abundant flora. This instilled in her a deep love of nature, specifically flowers. After serving 5 years in the United States Marine Corps and 16 years as a 911 call taker and police dispatcher, Brenna took a position at Floret where her knowledge and passion grew, for pansies especially. Every year Estrada trials around 100 different varieties of pansies and violas to find those with the most exceptional colors, fragrance, and stem length. Brenna’s pansies have drawn the attention of growers and artists from all over the world. She continues to share her passion with others and is working to make seeds for the specialty varieties more accessible to both small-scale growers and home gardeners. She currently resides on a lovely little island with her husband and three boys.

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