Let's Bake Bread!

A Family Cookbook to Foster Learning, Curiosity, and Skill Building in Your Kids


By Bonnie Ohara

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Celebrate the joy of baking together with this unique family cookbook.

Written by the bestselling author of Bread Baking for Beginners, who is also a homeschooling mother of three with a keen take on how to teach children useful skills, Let’s Bake Bread! is filled with foolproof recipes that will turn kids into confident bakers and helpers in the kitchen. Start with an easy-to-handle cloud dough, and your youngest will soon be making Snail Rolls and On the Run Energy Buns (all the while improving their fine motor skills). Graduate to adventure dough and kids will learn about eating seasonally while making pizza, focaccia, and flatbreads. Breads like pita, naan, and conchas highlight lessons about cultures around the world. Culminating for kids twelve and up is the holy grail for all home bakers: the simple science of sourdough. What better or more delicious way to spend quality time together?

  •  “Bonnie Ohara’s teaching ignited my own love of baking. And with her new book, Let’s Bake Bread!, I’m able to pass along that passion to my kids! Her recipes are filled with creative ways for parents to engage their kids and create lasting memories of time spent together with delicious results.” 
    Jenna Fischer, actress and podcast host
  •  “Let’s Bake Bread! shows us how to bake up a community, one family at a time. Bonnie’s foundational skills, thoughtful recipes, and encouraging guidance will inspire you and your kids to turn on the oven.” 
    Martin Philip, baker and author of Breaking Bread
  • Let’s Bake Bread! is stunning, inspiring, and wildly doable. Bonnie’s guidance brings the magic of bread, not only into your kitchen, but into your relationships. You’ll love it.”
    Kendra Adachi, New York Times bestselling author of The Lazy Genius Way and The Lazy Genius Kitchen
  • Let's Bake Bread! offers more than just delicious bread recipes—it's a playbook for making the most of our time with our kids in the kitchen. Bonnie's insights and advice throughout each recipe nurture learning, patience, and observation through making a simple loaf of bread. As Bonnie says, "Sensory memories stick!" So get in the kitchen with the kiddos, mix some dough, and let's bake bread.”
    Maurizio Leo, author of The Perfect Loaf: The Craft and Science of Sourdough Breads, Sweets, and More
  • “Bonnie is an exceptionally talented baker and mother that makes baking fun, approachable, and comforting. I have been following her journey for years and have admired how dedicated and passionate she is to her children through the lens of bread baking—a skill that she has mastered and cleverly uses as a learning tool to elevate the growth of her family.”
    Bryan Ford, author of New World Sourdough

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Oct 17, 2023
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Bonnie Ohara

Bonnie Ohara

About the Author

Bonnie Ohara is a self-taught baker and homeschooling mother to three children. Ohara runs Alchemy Bread, a cottage bakery based in her home in Modesto, California, where she also teaches bread baking classes. She is the author of Bread Baking for Beginners, which was published in 2018. Find her on Instagram @alchemybread.

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