Herbs in Every Season

48 Edible and Medicinal Herbs for the Kitchen, Garden, and Apothecary


By Bevin Cohen

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An accessible exploration of 48 medicinal and culinary herbs to grow and use year-round, with information on gardening, cooking, and integrating herbs as part of a holistic wellness routine.
Herbs bring in more bees, more birds, and more beneficial insects to the garden. They add spice and depth to any recipe. Herbs enrich our lives, our health, and our earth in profound and nourishing ways. Herbs in Every Season offers gardeners, herbalists, cooks, and homesteaders a new way of looking at herbs throughout the year. Herbalists will learn how an herb’s growth habits inform its medicinal capabilities, and gardeners will gain insight on herbs as integral culinary plants for the kitchen garden, pollinator plants for perennial borders, and key ingredients for a home apothecary.

​With detailed plant profiles on 48 herbs, many of them native plants, Bevin Cohen encourages a year-round perspective on growing and using herbs in tandem with the seasons. He will assure any newcomer that herbs are not only easy to grow, but also forgiving. Readers will take delight in:
  • Simple, homegrown recipes and preservation techniques for cooking and concocting herbs in tonics, teas, meals, and treats
  • Herbal remedies and useful DIY applications for common ailments such as sunburns and mosquito bites
  • Deep insight on how the life cycle of an herb contributes multitudes to its medicinal and culinary properties
  • How a seasonal herbal approach can provide a much-needed process of cyclical re-connection to the earth
A practice of living close to the land is deeply enriched through a daily relationship with herbs—in every season.

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Mar 25, 2025
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Bevin Cohen

Bevin Cohen

About the Author

Bevin Cohen is an author, herbalist, gardener, seed saver, and educator. He is the owner of Small House Farm and the founder of Michigan Seed Library Network, a community seed sharing initiative that has helped establish more than one hundred seed library programs. Bevin offers workshops and lectures across the country on the benefits of living closer to the land through seeds, herbs, and locally grown food and he has written a number of books on these topics, including Saving Our Seeds, The Artisan Herbalist, and The Complete Guide to Seed & Nut Oils. Learn more about Bevin’s work at http://www.smallhousefarm.com.

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