Brides Behaving Badly

Wild Wedding Photos You Were Never Meant to See


By Bev West

By Jason Bergund

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Pure, kind, and gracious are some of the qualities one associates with the bride at any wedding–but not here! More than four million Americans get married each year, and not all of the brides are well behaved. This hilarious collection of candid wedding photographs proves that not every bride is delicate or demure. These hysterical and sometimes shocking photos include brides doing keg stands, bawdy bridesmaids and grooms gone wild, crazy cakes and favors, and out-of-this-world wedding themes, including Star Trek and vampire brides. This is not the stuff that fairy tales are made of. These photos of real brides, complete with dead-pan captions, show the Bridezilla peeking out from under the veil.


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Jun 27, 2009
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Bev West

About the Author

Bev West and Jason Bergund live in New York City.

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