Gangster Prayer

Relentlessly Pursuing God with Passion and Great Expectation


By Autumn Miles

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Change your life and become an inspiring, passionate praying warrior who proclaims God’s Word with this refreshingly honest guide to strengthening your faith.

If you want positive results from prayer, you first need to pray! But so many people who say they believe in the power of prayer actually pray very little . . . or not at all. It’s time to get serious about prayer. Autumn Miles says that we must stop being prayer wimps and instead be transformed into “prayer gangsters”–people who are passionate about their faith and loyalty to God.

Autumn believes that God wants to give us so much more than what we’ve been settling for. It’s time our prayer life, which has been mediocre at best, becomes something that is:
  • Fervent,
  • intentional,
  • and highly expectant.
Gangster Prayer won’t teach you how to pray. Instead, it will help reveal the heart behind a believing prayer and put the focus back on who we are praying to instead of on what we are praying for. With a changed perspective and objective, we can finally see the results from prayer we’ve been longing for–not just answers but a changed life.


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Jul 16, 2019
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Autumn Miles

About the Author

Autumn Miles is the founder of Autumn Miles Ministries, an organization devoted to spiritually challenging the way women think. She is a dynamic speaker who produces regular inspirational content for her over 120,000 Facebook followers in addition to speaking at conferences nationwide. Additionally, Autumn is the host of The Autumn Miles Show, a radio talk show and podcast.

As a survivor of domestic abuse, Autumn has shared her story of overcoming abuse and finding God’s purpose for her life in many media outlets including The New Yorker, Christianity Today, TLC, The 700 Club, The Washington Post, Religion News Service, The Dallas Morning News, and The Blaze. In addition to her latest book, Gangster Prayer, Autumn has authored Appointed and I Am Rahab. She and her husband, Eddie, have four beautiful children and live in Dallas, Texas.

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