Pedophiles, Rapists, And Other Sex Offenders


By Anna Salter

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What motivates sexual abusers? Why are so few caught? Drawing on the stories of abusers, Anna C. Salter shows that sexual predators use sophisticated deception techniques and rely on misconceptions surrounding them to evade discovery. Arguing that even the most knowledgeable among us can be fooled, Salter dispels the myths about sexual predators and gives us the tools to protect our families and ourselves.

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Mar 31, 2004
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Anna Salter

About the Author

Anna Salter received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Public Practice from Harvard University and obtained a Masters Degree in Child Study from Tufts. In addition to lecturing and consulting on sex offenders and victims throughout the United States and abroad, she consults half time with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and evaluates sex offenders for civil commitment proceedings and other purposes. Salter lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

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