Secrets of Powerful Women

Leading Change for a New Generation


By Andrea Wong

With Rosario Dawson

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“There is something special that happens when you get a group of powerful women in a room . . . and shut the door.” — Andrea Wong, President and CEO, Lifetime Networks “There’s such a reservoir of power among us when we pool our resources and uplift each other. We are limitless in our power when we understand that . . . To read this book is to know that change is possible.” — Rosario Dawson, Activist and Co-Founder, Voto Latino In the summer of 2008, sixteen teenage girls won exclusive access to dozens of the most politically powerful women in America. These congresswomen, journalists, and activists were supposed to talk to the young women about leadership skills and how to impact public policy, but they couldn’t help sharing much more. They told funny, sad, and inspiring personal tales of missteps and small braveries, as well as of great leaps; they also talked to the girls about power pitfalls, power surges, powerful beginnings, and power suits. Now those secrets are available to you. The wisdom imparted in this unforgettable collection of funny, thoughtful, and inspiring true stories will prove invaluable to women of all ages, aspirations, and lifestyles — in situations from the PTA to a power lunch, from the kitchen table to the corner office.

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Andrea Wong

About the Author

Andrea Wong is President and CEO of Lifetime Entertainment and was previously Executive Vice President of Alternative Programming, Specials and Late-Night, ABC Entertainment. Her long list of business successes include importing Dancing with the Stars from the UK to ABC, taking Lifetime from moribund to hot within a year, stealing Project Runway from Bravo for Lifetime, etc. She’s a graduate of MIT and of Stanford Business School. She was chosen to speak before the Women’s Caucus at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

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