Ah, the dilemma of food-“comfort food” versus “temple food”; dessert versus salad; good versus bad. We’ve all experienced it, the feeling that we want to indulge in something chocolate-y, but know we should go for something salad-y. Adina Steiman’s The Good, the Bad, & the Yummy is the perfect companion for all of us who have felt the tug between satisfaction and discipline. While each and every single recipe in this book falls under the Yummy category, half of them are for when you’re feeling like being good, and the other half, for the naughtier side of your cravings. Steiman tells readers that they can eat what they crave while still (occasionally) tending to the angel on their shoulder. Chock full of everything from amusing self-tests that assess which foods fit your moods, to what to look for in quality bacon, The Good, the Bad, & the Yummy also includes simple lifestyle tips for feeling great anytime and musings on the mysterious nostalgic power of Twinkies.

What's Inside

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