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An essay by BLOOD LETTERS author Lian Xi in the Wall Street Journal

Few in the West know of the Chinese dissident Lin Zhao, who was executed 50 years ago this month at the height of the Cultural Revolution for her fierce opposition to Mao, but she is still very much a presence in China. On the anniversary of her death in two weeks, some of her many admirers will attempt to pay their respects at her tomb, and the Chinese authorities will try to stop them—all of which suggests something of the power of her words, even after a half-century.
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Steven Gillon’s SEPARATE AND UNEQUAL reviewed in the Atlantic

“How did a government document that black radicals anticipated would be a whitewash end up instead denouncing ‘white racism’? This improbable turn of events animates Steven M. Gillon’s deft, incisive, and altogether absorbing history of the Kerner Commission, which he convincingly depicts as ‘the last gasp of 1960s liberalism’…Meticulous.”
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Lucy Cooke’s THE TRUTH ABOUT ANIMALS reviewed in Popular Science

Did you know that the U.S. military once tried to use bats to drop bombs? Or that Adelie penguins have such wild sex lives that mortified researchers would put off publishing the first scientific report on their proclivities for nearly a century? Cooke gathers these tales, and explores myths and misunderstandings that dog animals to this day.
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