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Jason Sokol’s THE HEAVENS MIGHT CRACK reviewed in the Washington Post

“Revealing… Sokol mines oral histories, books and contemporaneous news stories to pull together an account that reminds us that King was a radical who ignited passions both good and bad… While [the] broad outlines of King’s story are well chronicled and fairly well known, the real punch in Sokol’s book comes as it drives home the depth of the animus stirred by King and how it lingered in the months and years after his assassination.”
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Lucy Cooke’s THE TRUTH ABOUT ANIMALS featured on Mental Floss

"It’s easy to think we understand animals: They’re present in every part of our culture, from the movies we watch to the clichés we use. But the way a species functions in the wild is often worlds apart from a stereotype or cartoon. This gulf between misconceptions and reality is the theme of Lucy Cooke’s new book, The Truth About Animals."
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Philip Dray’s THE FAIR CHASE reviewed in the Wall Street Journal

“How hunting came to hold an iconic place in American culture in the first place is an interesting tale, and in The Fair Chase Philip Dray explores it with a balance and fair-mindedness that is unusual for such a contentious subject…The great strength of this telling is the author’s ability to see that little about his story is black and white.”
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