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We Must Not Think of Ourselves

By Lauren Grodstein

The TODAY Show’s Read With Jenna December 2023 Pick!

Inspired by a little-known piece of history—the underground group that kept an archive to insure that the lives of Jewish occupants of the Warsaw Ghetto in World War II were not lost to history—this is a heart-wrenching novel of love and defiance that People calls “gripping, emotional, and against all odds, hopeful.”

“A masterpiece: profound, gripping, urgent, and beautiful.” —Madeline Miller, New York Times bestselling author of Circe and The Song of Achilles

Meet the Author and Translator of Your Utopia

Bora Chung

Bora Chung is a writer of science fiction and generally unrealistic stories. Bora also translates modern literary works from Russian and Polish into Korean. She has published three full-length novels and four books of collected short stories in Korean. Among them, Cursed Bunny and Your Utopia, both translated into English by Anton Hur. She likes dark and magical stories and stories about strong women who fight to survive in an unjust and violent world.

Anton Hur

Anton Hur was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and was subsequently raised in six different countries on four different continents, including British Hong Kong, Ethiopia, the United States, and Thailand, but spent most of his time in Korea. He has worked as an interpreter and translator for more than two decades, and his translation of Bora Chung’s Cursed Bunny was a finalist for the International Booker Prize and the National Book Award for Translated Literature. He divides his time between Seoul and the science fiction-y island of Songdo with his husband.