Bernard Benoliel

About the Author

Bernard Benoliel is the director of art and culture at the Cinématheque Française. He is the co-author of books devoted to the work of Anthony Mann, Clint Eastwood, and Bruce Lee. 

Gilles Esposito is a journalist who writes for magazines including Mad Movies and So Film. He has also contributed to collections devoted to the work of Samuel Fuller, Leo McCarey, John Ford, and Universal Pictures. 

Murielle Joudet is a film critic for Le Monde, as well as for TV and radio. She has written essays on Isabelle Huppert and Gena Rowlands. 

Jean-François Rauger is the director of programming at the Cinématheque Française. He is a journalist at Le Monde, and the author of The Domestic Eye: Hitchcock and Television.

By the Author