Employee’s Pet of the Month: Frankie

Frankie Blue Skies

Name: Frankie Lee Forbes

AKA: Frank, Frank-N-Beans, Queen Francine, and Goon Squad—all applied in various circumstances dependent on behavior.

Age: 8

My Human: Alyson Forbes

Backstory: Frank was adopted from New York Animal Care & Control (ACC) in East Harlem. They’ve since changed their name to Animal Care Centers—a little gentler for such a sad place. She was found abandoned and living in Central Park. We think that the Icey/Snowcone vendors—you know the ones with the white wooden pushcarts—were giving her water, because she loves Icey vendors and also loves ice. She was an absolute monster for the first 6 months I owned her, a real all-around jerk, but is now a testament to what consistency can do for a shelter dog, if you have the patience and the ability to be a little bit of a jerk right back.

Her favorite things: Swimming—she’s a surprisingly strong swimmer, but wasn’t a natural. We had to teach her. She fetches like a champ and can catch her ball in the air. Gutting stuffed toys faster than I can buy them. Looking out the window at the world below, and sitting at the bar like people (don’t tell the Health Department!). Her favorite food is steamed broccoli from the Chinese takeout joint. She also likes pickles, but that’s just weird. Also, banana Runts!



“I should buy a yacht.”

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