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Employee’s Pet of the Month: Monty Hermann

Lauren Passll Cat Monty

Name: Monty Hermann

AKA: La Mont, Montose

Age: 7

My Human: Lauren Passell

Backstory: We adopted Monty from a foster program in Bushwick. He had to be sequestered from the other animals because he is such an exhibitionist and requires 100% of all available resources (love, food, attention.) His first mom said, “don’t get another cat. He needs to be the only one in the house.”

Fun fact: he is now technically a girl cat. He kept on getting an obstructed urethra and he almost died several times, so they had to give him female cat parts (Perineal Urethrostomy) so it would stop happening! I don’t talk to him about it too much, I don’t want to confuse him. But he pees differently, now.

His cat sitter, Andrea, who watches him while we are away, loves him so much my friends worry she will kidnap him. She buys him toys and rearranges the furniture for him, and one time we came home to find a large portrait she had painted of him. (It’s a pretty good portrait.) Sometimes when I call her to check on him, she will literally be in my apartment with him, watching Animal Planet. I’m like, “Andrea, you do not have to do that.” She goes above and beyond.

We wanted to name Monty something cool like QuestLove but he reminded us of our beloved best friend from high school, Monty Hermann, and it was kind of like we had to call him that. He is the snuggliest, cutest, happiest little boy.  (I have had mean cats, I know what that’s like.) I am obsessed with him and if anyone tried to hurt him or even made fun of him I would rip their head off. 🙂

Favorite Food: He loves people food. Avocado, kale, tempeh, spaghetti (with spaghetti sauce.) His doctor was worried there was something wrong with his blood because he eats 2.5x more than cats his size. But I guess he just has a fast metabolism?

Favorite Activity: He is afraid to leave the apartment but likes to watch birds, and sometimes I will let him play on the roof. When I play Nintendo he stands 2 inches away from the TV and slaps the screen. He loves “Family TV Night,” aka any time my husband and I relax on the couch with him and watch a movie. (He likes to lie on top of both of us at the same time.)

Most Likely to Win an Award For… Cutest. Come on! Look at that star on his face!



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