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Employee’s Pet of the Month: Harriet

Caanan Byrd - Harriet

Name: Harriet

AKA: Harry, Shoo, Squish, and Sweet/Mean Girl (depending on my mood, of course)

Age: 2

My Parent: Canaan Byrd

Backstory: I was born at my grandmother’s house in Memphis–the only kitten of 7 to survive! (That’s why my mom wanted to name me after such a strong, resilient woman.) After a few months, I traveled 3 nerve-racking hours in a car to live with my mom in Nashville. But life is pretty good, now. I tend to have a fierce and spunky attitude, but it comes with a lot of love.

Favorite Food: I really only eat one type of food…my mom needs to get a bit more adventurous. I try to sneak a taste of her food now and then, but she doesn’t like that.

Favorite Activity: I love to bite my mom’s hands and feet, smell everyone’s shoes, run through the blinds as fast as I can, chase my feather toy for hours, and cross my paws–I’m a lady.

Most Likely to Win an Award For… Cutest “Welcome Home” at the End of the Day




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