The Everyday Stoic

Simple Rules for a Good Life


By William Mulligan

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Navigate the obstacles of contemporary life and find happiness by following in the footsteps of the classical tradition of Stoicism in this empowering and accessible book written by the founder of the popular The Everyday Stoic account.

William Mulligan, founder of The Everyday Stoic, transforms principles from ancient Stoic philosophy into a contemporary guide for overcoming the challenges of modern life and cultivating an unshakeable sense of inner calm, so that you too can live like a Stoic. Rediscover ancient wisdom and join the Stoic movement: From Marcus Aurelius to Seneca, the Stoics have a long and rich history. The Everyday Stoic draws on these timeless teachings and offers a chance to be part of a growing stoic community. Inside you'll discover how to:
  • Cultivate Resilience: With practical tips and actionable advice, this is the perfect guide for anyone looking to gain resilience and overcome adversity, no matter what modern life throws their way.
  • Follow Simple Rules for a Good Life: Explore key concepts such as confronting life's unpredictability and how thoughts create reality, which will empower you to not only be comfortable in the face of adversity but also to thrive.
  • Boost Your Mental Health: Taking the lessons of Stoic Philosophy and applying them to your life can have positive effects on mental health, teaching you how to transform your mindset and shift how you perceive life's obstacles. Channel Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman thoughts and teachings in this accessible, life-transforming guide to making a better, calmer, and less stressed life.

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William Mulligan

About the Author

William Mulligan is the founder of the popular YouTube and Instagram account The Everyday Stoic, where he shares Stoic teachings. It is his strong belief that Stoicism is for everyone, not just selected few, and is on a mission to guide people through modern life with ancient rules and wisdom. This is his first book.

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