What's a Wine Lover to Do?


By Wes Marshall

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Hundreds of easy-to-scan tips in everyday language let time-starved readers find quick answers.

Most people who enjoy wine would like to know more about it, to feel confident in what they like and why, to know the “lingo.” Wine lover and writer Wes Marshall helps readers explore the world of wine, offering plainspoken explanations to wine questions that most people have but are hesitant to ask—no question is too simple, no answer too advanced.

Like earlier titles in the series, such as the best-selling What’s a Cook to Do?, this book offers empowering information in question-and-answer format with pronunciation guides, charts, maps, and step-by-steps—plus the best-bang-for-your-buck wine recommendations from well-known experts. Is Barolo a grape or a place? What do wine scores mean? What about sniffing the cork and which glasses to use? In this newest book in the What’s a … to Do? series, Wes Marshall presents his years of wine experience and insider tips in everyday language that makes wine approachable and knowable.


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Jun 7, 2010
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Wes Marshall

Wes Marshall

About the Author

Wes Marshall started collecting wine as a teenager. He wrote The Wine Roads of Texas, winner of the Wine Press Award from the Texas Wine and Grape Growers, and served as executive producer for the three-part PBS documentary based on his book. A columnist for the Austin Chronicle, Marshall is a special contributor to the Dallas Morning News, and also writes for Wine & Spirits, The Wine Enthusiast, Appellation America, Imbibe, and Wines & Vines.

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