Turkey vs. Santa

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By Todd Tarpley

Illustrated by Giovanni Abeille

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Thanksgiving and Christmas battle to see which holiday will rule the most wonderful time of the year in this rollicking follow-up to Leprechaun vs. Easter Bunny

It’s Thanksgiving Day, Turkey’s moment in the spotlight—but Santa's already putting up Christmas lights! As these two grouchy rivals vie for space on the calendar, everything is fair game for sabotage: Turkey's parade balloons, Santa's sleigh…not even poor Rudolph is safe. Find out who will win the holiday turf war in this laugh-out-loud rhyming celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas!


  • Praise for Leprechaun vs. Easter Bunny:
  • * "Hilarious brinkmanship that will have audiences rolling.... This laugh-out-loud picture book should be a staple for all children’s libraries holiday sections."
    School Library Journal, starred review
  • "Riotously funny...will have readers giggling all year long. Skilled storytellers will enjoy hamming up the action as the characters attempt to assert their dominance over their hillside home. Slapstick fun for any season."
  • "Tarpley’s rigorously rhyming text sustains high levels of animation-style one-upmanship throughout, and Laberis’s digital artwork gets all the seasonal imagery right, with eggs, baskets, gold coins, tulips, and hearts strewn across the green grass, and four-leaf clovers under a rainbow’s glow."
    Publishers Weekly

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Sep 17, 2024
Page Count
32 pages

Todd Tarpley

About the Author

Todd Tarpley is the author of Beep! Beep! Go to Sleep!, My Grandma’s a Ninja, Ten Tiny Toes, and How About a Kiss for Me? He lives in New York City, and he invites you to visit him online at toddtarpley.com.

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