The New Science of Overcoming Arthritis

Prevent or Reverse Your Pain, Discomfort, and Limitations

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Battle the growing arthritis epidemic by taking steps now.

Arthritis is truly an epidemic: more than 40 million Americans currently have arthritis, it is the leading cause of disability among people age 65 and older, and the overall annual costs to society are figured to be more than 65 billion. While it is present in nearly everyone by age 70, the problem is growing as arthritis more commonly appears in people as young as their 30s.

But there is good news — while you can’t cure arthritis, you can stave it off or manage it and dramatically improve your life. The New Science of Overcoming Arthritis offers a plan for anyone who wants to prevent or reverse their pain, discomfort, and limitations. It is the first book on arthritis that incorporates the latest research and treatment strategies for a disease that the vast majority of baby boomers will inevitably have to learn to live with. What’s more, it provides younger generations with an easy-to-follow game plan for minimizing and even avoiding the more debilitating aspects of arthritis. It answers the most pressing questions, including:

  • Why do we get arthritis?
  • Which arthritis supplements are worthwhile?
  • What are the best arthritis exercise and diet strategies?
  • Which alternative therapies are sensible and safe?
  • What is the latest science about stem cells and future therapies involving our genes and biology?

Dr. Vangsness, a seasoned surgeon and team physician for USC Athletics, specializes in sports injuries and is a medical advisor on the cutting edge of arthritis research. He provides practical advice culled from his years working with star collegiate athletes, who are often on the front line in uncovering the best practices for dealing with injuries and the deterioration of the body’s joints. While genetics play a large role in determining who will suffer from arthritis, and even how severely, there are strategies for staying active, pain-free, and healthy no matter who you are.

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