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Joy is My Justice

Reclaim What Is Yours

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Your pain is not fair or just. You are not broken because you feel it deeply. Yet every footstep you take toward Joy, even while still living with fear or rage, is a radical act of Justice that defies the oppressive weight of your pain and creates a powerful change in your biochemistry.
Joy is here for you.
Joy is your birthright.
It’s my mission to make sure you find yours.
And this book will lead you there.
–from the Prologue

If you’ve been pushed to the margin of conversations on well-being…If you think finding Joy is “too hard” or only for people who are “resilient enough,” here is a radical guide that will open you to the potential of healing, rooted in powerful stories, potent guided meditations and neuroscience.

In Joy Is My Justice, Integrative physician and activist Tanmeet Sethi shares her methods for shifting your nervous system and biochemistry into Joy at the cellular level. You can reclaim Joy—as you reclaim your personal power, strength, and purpose—despite the burden of living in an unjust world, despite past traumas, and despite any platitudes that a whitewashed wellness world says about your capacity.

Everyone alive will endure great pain—multiple times and usually beyond your control. An invitation to everyone whom “wellness” has left behind, Joy Is My Justice will help you rediscover your Joy, not as a destination or solution but as a profound practice for healing.

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"We mostly turn away from our pain. I have. Tanmeet invites us to walk a stronger, more human path, surprisingly to Joy and Justice. I know her wisdom heals, as it has helped me, and my patients, become more whole. This is a special book from a powerful woman, physician and healer. I recommend you make space for her message in your life. " —Drew Ramsey, MD, author Eat To Beat Depression and Anxiety, assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University
"“If you have ever struggled with life’s challenges (and who hasn’t?); if your inner critic regularly berates you (and whose doesn’t?) this is the book for you! Heartbreaking and triumphant, filled with candid stories from her own life, Dr. Tanmeet Sethi maps a courageous and compassionate path forward with practices we can all learn and do.” —Victoria Maizes, MD, Executive Director, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine University of Arizona
"Joy Is My Justice is a clear-eyed, eloquent, loving guide to the joy and fulfillment that we can discover as we meet life’s darkest, most traumatizing challenges. Tanmeet Sethi has been there and done that. She does it every day, and generously shares her hard-earned wisdom. I am honored that Tanmeet credits me as an inspiration, and grateful for all that she teaches me."—James S. Gordon, MD, author of Transforming Trauma: The Path to Hope and Healing and Founder & CEO of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine
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