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Joy is My Justice

Reclaim What Is Yours

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Integrative physician and activist Tanmeet Sethi offers a science-based plan for harnessing trauma and pain as a necessary pathway to joy.

Every footstep you take towards Joy is a radical act of Justice that defies the oppressive weight of your pain. Every decision to invite in hope or gratitude, even while still living with fear or rage, creates a powerful change in your biochemistry. You and only you choose which neurochemical will take strongest hold in your brain and heart; you choose what story your cells will hear.

Many of us talk about trauma—indeed, have experienced real trauma, especially in these fraught times; healthcare providers are increasingly aware of the physiological effects of trauma. But what is the antidote? Too many times, platitudes of gratitude, “self‑care,” and “just be brave” are offered—but what if these do more harm than good?

What if the key to healing trauma is to face your pain, meet it lovingly, and then use it as rocket fuel for your personal revolution?

What if the act of meeting your pain head‑on is a path to Joy?

Integrative physician and healthcare activist Dr. Tanmeet Sethi knows this firsthand—from the patients she serves, to her own heartache and personal history. Choosing Joy is a life‑changing act of personal, biological, and spiritual justice–and an act of community service. Choosing Joy improves your mood and immune system and increases your energy. Choosing Joy is a revolution. In Joy Is My Justice, Dr. Sethi shares her methods for rewiring mind and body to shift our biochemistry into Joy at the cellular level. Grounded in powerful stories and potent guided meditations and self‑inquiries, Joy Is My Justice guides everyone to recover their personal power and purpose.

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