How to Menopause

Take Charge of Your Health, Reclaim Your Life, and Feel Even Better than Before


By Tamsen Fadal

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An eye-opening, straight-talk guide to perimenopause and menopause by award-winning journalist, women's health advocate, documentary filmmaker, and social media powerhouse Tamsen Fadal.
Menopause affects every woman and impacts every aspect of her life. Yet no one talks about it, leaving women to muddle through on their own, struggling in silence and feeling alone. How to Menopause changes that story.
Whether you need to know how to recognize the signs of perimenopause or you are wading through full-on menopause, this book is “the talk” you never had. Fadal and the more than 40 experts she interviewed walk you through all of it–belly fat, brain fog, sleep sex, dating, divorce, the workplace, dressing for your changing body, updating your hair and skincare routines, figuring out what to eat, how to exercise, and how to embrace the gifts of this time so that you come out the other side feeling better than ever.
This book leaves no stone unturned, and includes guidance from neuroscientists, menopause-certified doctors, sex therapists, sleep doctors, makeup artists, hair stylists, dermatologists and dating coaches, as well as other women who have navigated misinformation and found ways to thrive through menopause mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 
The questions this book answers include:
  • I don’t feel like myself; – what is happening to me?
  • Could this (odd symptom) be related to my hormones?
  • What are the symptoms of perimenopause?
  • My doctor is no help–should I break up with them?
  • Is Hormone Therapy safe? What if I have a family history of breast cancer?
  • Are there supplements that can help manage my menopause symptoms?
  • Why can’t I remember anything or think straight? Could this be early Alzheimer’s?
  • Will I ever sleep again?
  • Why am I gaining weight even when I’m eating and exercising the same, and what can I do about it?
  • How long does menopause last?
  • How can I update my style (hair, makeup, clothes) to match my changing body?
  • How can I keep it together at work when I’m so tired, having hot flashes, and can’t remember anything?
  • How do I talk to my partner about what I’m going through?
  • How do you date at midlife and beyond?
  • Why is sex so painful? Or, why don’t I feel like having sex? (Or, both.)
  • Aren’t I too young to be dealing with this stuff?
  • How can I discover the gifts of menopause?
How to Menopause helps women feel seen and heard. In actionable, achievable terms, Tamsen Fadal teaches readers how to navigate endless treatment options, advocate for themselves, take control of their bodies, face their fears, and learn what to let go of and what to hold onto—leaving readers stronger, sexier, bolder, and more centered at every stage of menopause, midlife, and beyond.

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Mar 25, 2025
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320 pages
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Tamsen Fadal

About the Author

Tamsen Fadal is an award-winning journalist, menopause advocate, and social media’s ‘midlife mentor.’ After more than three decades as a news anchor, Tamsen made the bold decision to pivot her career towards women’s health advocacy. She’s the best friend helping to guide women through midlife and beyond, acting as a one-stop resource for everything they need to know to live their best lives. A gifted storyteller and seasoned reporter, Tamsen provides actionable tools from dozens of world-renowned experts on everything from wellness to fashion, which she shares daily, centering the stories of women.
Her candor and relatability have established her as a leading voice in the menopause space with a passionate, loyal, social media audience of 3+ million.  Her regular appearances in media outlets include Oprah Daily, “The Today Show,” The New York Times, and The Harvard Business Review.
Tamsen is the producer and executive producer of the PBS documentary The M Factor, Shredding the Silence on Menopause.  From the boardroom to the stage at SXSW to Capitol Hill, she advocates for policies that eliminate the stigma of menopause and foster a work environment where women feel comfortable discussing and managing their midlife health journey.
Equally passionate about health, Tamsen holds a certificate in holistic health coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, serves on the national board of Let’s Talk Menopause and is a strong voice in the fight against breast cancer after losing her mother to the disease in 1990.

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