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Out There (A Graphic Novel)

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Jun 27, 2023

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A touching, out-of-this-world graphic novel about a daughter, her father, and the aliens that may or may not be speaking to him.

Julia didn’t always believe in aliens.
It was her father who convinced her otherwise. You see—Julia’s dad believes he was abducted by aliens. And ever since then, he’s been obsessed with the extraterrestrial beings living out there.
So when a festival commemorating the 75th anniversary of the infamous UFO crash in New Mexico rolls around, Julia turns down a dream vacation to Hawaii with her best friend, Sara, to join her dad for a weekend trip to Roswell, where he expects the aliens to make contact.
But amid the alien-themed goofiness of the festival, Julia finds she isn’t sure whether her father really did get abducted. His memories of alien interference are starting to sound increasingly shaky, and with them, her faith in him. Will this weekend bring the two closer together or only drive them apart? 
A heartfelt story of family, loyalty, and the lengths we go to support those we love.

What's Inside

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“This book will make you feel less alone out there. I’m a believer!”—Victoria Jamieson, author of Roller Girl
“What’s harder to believe—UFOs? Or that our parents might be actual, imperfect people? Out There perfectly captures the humor, heartbreak, and weirdness of coming of age.”—Jonathan Hill, author of Tales of a Seventh-Grade Lizard Boy
Out There is a dazzling road trip through the American Southwest, touring the winding roads of belief, skepticism, and evolving family relationships. It will abduct your imagination in the best way!”—Breena Bard, author of Trespassers
Out There is a very clever, sensitive, and beautifully drawn story about accepting the people we love as they are. A must-read.”—Sophie Escabasse, author of Witches of Brooklyn
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