Optimize Your Brain to Transform the Way You Work


By Mithu Storoni

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Science-backed advice on how to get your mind working at peak efficiency, all day, every day
We all know how to nudge our brains to perform better. A strong cup of coffee helps us get through a dull meeting, and a brisk walk helps us think more clearly. But what if those nudges could work even harder? What if we could optimize our brains to improve our focus, process information with ease, and become “hyperefficient,” without feeling fatigue?  
Brain doctor Dr. Mithu Storoni explains that our brains function like a car’s engine, with multiple gears that put our brains in optimal mode for different mental challenges, such as complex thinking, creativity, concentration and decision-making. Drawing on the latest research, she shows us how to seamlessly shift our brains into the best gear for the tasks we need to be doing. 
Instead of unthinkingly imposing the rhythm of our daily tasks on our brains, Dr. Storoni proposes we instead impose the rhythm of our brains on our work. This easy-to-follow advice will help you perform at your best throughout the day, every day.


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Sep 17, 2024
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Mithu Storoni

About the Author

Dr. Mithu Storoni is a neuroscience researcher, trained physician and ophthalmic surgeon. She advises multinational companies, educational institutions, investment banks, hedge funds and various other organizations on mental performance and stress management.

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