Soccer 'Cats: Master of Disaster


By Matt Christopher

Illustrated by Daniel Vasconcellos

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Although he’s better known for his wisecracks than his goal keeping abilities, Jason Shearer is taking the place of the Soccer ‘Cats’ goalie, who’s going on vacation. Will Jason learn what he needs to know before the game against the always-tough Panthers? Illustrations.


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Soccer 'Cats Team Roster
Lou Barnes     Striker
Jerry Dinh     Striker
Stookie Norris     Striker
Dewey London     Halfback
Bundy Neel     Halfback
Amanda Caler     Halfback
Brant Davis     Fullback
Lisa Gaddy     Fullback
Ted Gaddy     Fullback
Alan Minter     Fullback
Bucky Pinter     Goalie
Jason Shearer
Dale Tuget
Roy Boswick
Edith "Eddie" Sweeny

Chapter 1

Jason Shearer popped a piece of gum into his mouth, then bent over to tighten the laces on his sneakers. Soccer practice was about to start.

"Hey, Jason, got any more gum?" Dale Tuget looked hopeful.

Jason fished around in his pocket and came up empty-handed. "Wait a minute," he said, tapping his chin. "I do have a piece of ABC gum. Want that?"

Dale shrugged. "Okay."

Jason spit out the gum he'd been chewing and held it out to Dale. "Here you go!"

Dale shrank back. "Yuck! That gum's already been chewed!"

Jason stuck the gum back in his mouth. "Exactly! It's ABC gum—Already Been Chewed! Get it?" He slapped his leg and laughed.

"Dale! Jason!" The voice of their coach boomed behind them. "Stop horsing around and get ready for warm-ups."

Dale and Jason hurried to join the other Soccer 'Cats on the field.

The Soccer 'Cats were playing the Panthers in a week. The Panthers were a tough team. Coach Bradley planned to work on some plays for the game.

"I'll need your full concentration today, 'Cats," he said as he set out cones and balls. "But let's loosen up with some drills first."


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