She Bets Her Life

A True Story of Gambling Addiction


By Mary Sojourner

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What sets She Bets Her Life apart is Mary Sojourner's ability to take both an objective and a deeply personal look at the psychological and physiological impact of gambling addiction on women. Having lived it, Sojourner is brutally forthcoming, and with her penchant for research and fact-finding, the narrative is teeming with important information and resources to help steer women with gambling addictions (and their loved ones) toward help and healing.

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Apr 27, 2010
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288 pages
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Mary Sojourner

About the Author

Mary Sojourner spent over a decade as a compulsive gambler, struggling with the same addiction she writes about in this book. Sojourner is an NPR commentator (two of her commentaries were set in the Nevada casinos she used to frequent). She is the author of four books and has written numerous short stories and essays for national and regional publications on social justice, Western landscape, local diversity, and women”s wellness and self-esteem. Sojourner has an MA in both physiological psychology and counseling. She has a counseling background in women’s self-esteem and creativity, family system theory, addiction/alcoholism treatment, mind-body connections, dream and bodywork, and gender-specific triggers for depression and mood disorders. She was the first women-specific mental health counselor and teacher in Rochester, NY, from 1972-1985.

Sojourner lives in Bend, Oregon and writes and teaches privately at universities and colleges. She has led women’s groups for 30 years, and has been involved with book tours, signings, and lectures for the past 20.

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