Baby Love

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By Maria Marianayagam

Illustrated by Kat Uno

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Introduce little ones to the faith-affirming virtue of love with this accessible and engaging board book for children ages birth to three.

Even the youngest children recognize that love makes them feel safe and happy. With this sweet and engaging board book, little ones will begin to understand how they can show love too. "Baby Love" knows God and her friends and family love her, and she wants to share that love with others. She uses kind words, gives warm hugs, and watches over her baby brother. She knows love is saying and doing.

The Baby Virtues series introduces babies and toddlers to the fundamentals of Christian faith and biblical virtues. Each book in the series personifies a virtue as a lovable character and uses action-oriented language and recognizable settings to explore the importance of the virtue in an accessible manner appropriate for the youngest child.


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Dec 3, 2024
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20 pages

Maria Marianayagam

About the Author

Maria Marianayagam is a Tamil Sri Lankan-Canadian children's book author. She was born in India and was raised in Nigeria and across four provinces in Canada. Maria fell in love with children’s books (again!) after becoming an Amma (mom). She believes that growing our virtues from the youngest age has the power to transform the world. Maria lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband and two daughters. You can read more about her at

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