Mercury Magic

How to Thrive During Retrogrades and Tap Into the Power of the Messenger Planet All Year Long


By Maressa Brown

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An optimistic, in-depth guide to understanding everything about Mercury in astrology—and yourself.

Mercury may be associated with chaotic retrogrades, but it’s also the celestial body that fuels your communication superpowers, thought processes, and how you connect with others. Mercury Magic  reveals all the must-knows about this fascinating planet, including how Mercury retrograde works and tips and tricks for finding the silver lining during these periods. Brush up on astrology basics, discover how to make the most of each season as transiting Mercury moves through each zodiac sign, and explore your self-expression and compatibility with others by identifying and learning about your natal Mercury (the sign and house it was in when you were born). Harnessing the power of the messenger planet—whether it’s direct or retrograde—in your everyday life will empower you to bring your most whimsical dreams and boldest ideas into being, and that’s nothing short of magical.


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Jul 9, 2024
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