The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: Journey to Jericho, Book 4


By M. J. Thomas

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The Hidden Scrolls send siblings Peter and Mary back to the Battle of Jericho in this fourth installment of the time-traveling chapter book series.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series follows siblings Peter and Mary and their dog, Hank, as they discover ancient scrolls that transport them back to key moments in biblical history.

In this fourth adventure, the time-traveling trio journeys to an ancient desert and finds the Israelites preparing to enter the Promised Land. With limited time to solve the secret of the scroll, Peter and Mary join Israelite spies on a reconnaissance mission to Jericho; sneak Rahab to safety; and ultimately face the scheming man in black as the walls of the city begin to crumble. Fans of the series will love this whirlwind adventure that brings the Bible to life.




Hank barked and licked Peter’s face.

“Okay, okay,” said Peter. “I’ll get up!”

Peter wiped Hank’s slobber off his face and the sleep from his eyes.

Hank jumped off the bed and scratched at the bedroom door.

“Why are you in such a hurry this morning?” asked Peter. He quickly put on his clothes and opened the door.

Hank darted out and trotted down the hallway. Peter followed, running to catch up. Hank slid to

a stop in front of Great-Uncle Solomon’s library. Peter stopped too and looked up at the large wooden doors. Hank scratched the doors and wagged his tail.

“Did you hear something in the library?” said Peter. He pressed his ear against the door but didn’t hear anything. He tried the large handle shaped like a lion’s head. “Locked! I guess we have to wait to go on our next adventure.”

Hank lowered his head and stopped wagging his tail.

“You know the Legend of the Scrolls.” Peter did his best impression of Great-Uncle Solomon.

“The scrolls contain the truth you seek. Break the seal, unroll the scroll, and you will see the past unfold. Amazing adventures are in store for those who follow the lion’s roar.”

Hank tilted his head as if he understood.

Peter rubbed Hank’s head. “We have to wait for the lion’s roar.” He wondered when they would hear it again. It had been two days since their last adventure back through time to ancient Egypt, and he could hardly wait for the next one.


Hank’s ears perked up, and Peter laughed. “That wasn’t the lion,” he said. “That was my stomach. It’s time for breakfast.”

Peter stopped by Mary’s room to wake her up. He knocked, but she didn’t answer. So he opened the door and peeked in. She wasn’t there.

“That’s strange,” said Peter. “Maybe she already went to breakfast.”

Peter and Hank headed down the long hallway to the kitchen, but Mary wasn’t there. Neither was Great-Uncle Solomon. That was weird, because he was in the kitchen every morning drinking coffee and reading his Bible.

“Where is everybody?” Peter wondered aloud.

Hank’s ears perked up again, and he tilted his head.

“Did you hear something?” said Peter.

He followed Hank into the living room, but no one was there except the shiny suit of armor across the room. Peter felt like it was watching him. He moved back and forth in front of the armor, but it didn’t move. He knew the armor wasn’t alive, but sometimes he just wasn’t sure. The house felt a little eerie when he was alone.

A noise came from the second floor. Peter and Hank scurried up the stairs in time to see Mary going into a room.

“Let’s scare Mary,” said Peter.

Peter snuck into the room with Hank right behind him. Mary was looking at some old pottery. Peter grabbed her shoulder.

Mary spun around in a karate stance.

Peter jumped back. Hank scrambled toward the door, but Peter bumped into a shelf full of pottery jars and bowls. The shelf shifted, and the pottery wobbled. One jar fell off. Peter dove and caught it before it smashed on the floor. It had a red and black zig-zag design on it.

Mary put her hands on her hips. “Why were you spying on me?”

“I wasn’t spying on you.” Peter carefully put the jar back. “I was just trying to find you and Great-Uncle Solomon.”

“I was trying to find him too,” said Mary.

Peter went to the door and shouted for Great-Uncle Solomon.

“Shhh,” said Mary. “Let’s straighten this shelf and pottery before he finds us.”

As they were scooting the shelf back, Peter saw a large tapestry covering the wall behind the shelf. It was blue, red, and purple with angels stitched on it in gold thread.

“That’s fancy,” said Peter.

“I wonder why it’s hidden behind a shelf,” said Mary.

They scooted the shelf forward. Hank scratched at the tapestry.

Peter shoved the tapestry to the side, and his mouth dropped open. He had uncovered a secret door. “Look at this!”

Mary leaned in. “Wow!” She put her hand on her chin. “I wonder what Great-Uncle Solomon is hiding?”

“Let’s find out.” Peter turned the doorknob.

“Wait!” said Mary. She twisted her hair like she

always did when she was nervous. “Maybe we’re not supposed to go in there.”

Hank sniffed along the bottom of the door.

“Come on, Mary,” said Peter. “I know you like secrets.” He dashed to the door of the room and looked down the hallway. “The coast is clear.”

“Okay.” Mary nodded. “But let’s hurry.”

Peter ran back to the secret door, opened it, and peeked in. The room was filled with old

gadgets. Across the room in a corner, there was a desk with a black briefcase on it.

“I wonder what’s in the briefcase,” said Peter, heading for the desk.

Hank whined.

“Look out!” said Mary. “There’s a—”

Peter felt his toe snag on something, and he fell forward.

“A wire,” said Mary, as an alarm went off.

She ran for the door. “Let’s get out of here!”

Hank nudged Peter, and they started after Mary.

But there was Great-Uncle Solomon, standing at the door to the secret room.

Peter, Hank, and Mary froze in their tracks.

“Looking for something?” asked Great-Uncle Solomon.

“We were looking for you,” said Peter.

Great-Uncle Solomon adjusted his round glasses. “Seems like a strange place to look.”

“Peter made me do it,” said Mary. “I told him we shouldn’t come in here.”

Peter scowled. “Thanks.”

Ruff!” barked Hank.

“Are you going to turn on me too?” said Peter.

Great-Uncle Solomon petted Hank’s head. “It’s okay,” he said. “You can go anywhere in the house you want. My house is your house.”

Peter wiped the sweat off his forehead and nodded to Mary. “I told you it was all right. You should trust me.”

“Right,” said Mary. She looked up at Great-Uncle Solomon. “Why do you have a secret room and all these old gadgets?”

“I wasn’t always an archaeologist,” said Great-Uncle Solomon. He looked around as if he wanted to make sure no one else was listening. Then he said, “I used to be a spy.”



“You don’t look like a spy,” said Mary.

Great-Uncle Solomon walked across the room and put on a black jacket. “How about now?”

Mary tilted her head. “Yeah, I guess you look a little like a spy.”

He took off his round glasses, then grabbed a black hat and sunglasses from the desk and slipped them on.

“Yes,” said Peter. “Now you look like a spy.”

“How did you become a spy?” asked Mary.

“It was many, many years ago.” Great-Uncle

Solomon took off his sunglasses and put his round glasses back on. “I was an archeology student at the university, and the war had been going on for several years. One day I received a top-secret letter in my mailbox.”

“What did it say?” asked Mary.

Great-Uncle Solomon opened the black briefcase, pulled out the old letter, and handed it to Mary.


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M. J. Thomas

About the Author

Mike Thomas grew up in Florida playing sports and riding his bike to the library and an arcade named the Cosmic Cowboy. He graduated from Liberty University, earning a bachelor's degree in Bible Studies. When his son Peter was nine years old, Mike went searching for books that would teach Peter about the Bible in a fun, imaginative way. Finding none, he decided to write his own series. Mike Thomas lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, with his wife, Lori; sons Payton and Peter; and their dog, Hank.

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