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All too often, bickering couples turn molehills into mountains. In Mom vs Dad, Tom & Lucy Riles prove that the view is better, and usually funnier, from the molehill. I think this book deserves a hashtag; #BickerBest—Tom Bergeron, TV Host and Veteran Husband
A true to life, humorous peek of his side/her side that will bring smiles and laughter to your heart. It confirms what I've always said, men are strange and women are weird...You'll love it.—Dr. Kevin Leman, New York Times bestselling author of Sheet Music and Have a New Kid By Friday
Tommy and Lucy just get it. I've always said, parenting is the hardest job on the planet, and marriage is the next toughest. These two have the ability to make you laugh and feel validated at the same time. Mom vs. Dad is an amazing book that proves parenting is a contact sport.—Meredith Masony, Founder of That's Inappropriate and Filter Free Parenting
In Mom vs. Dad, Lucy and Tom Riles bring an entertaining and conversational approach to exploring the everyday challenges we face as partners and as parents. There's plenty of heart and humor in the real-life situations they explore, from sharing meals to sharing a phone charger. The result is a book that's eminently relatable, always thought-provoking, and reads like a fun conversation with friends.—Carrie and John Pacini, Co-Founders, Mom 2.0 & Dad 2.0
What a fun and refreshing read this was for my wife and I! Lucy and Tom bring a relatable sensibility, hilariously covering topics which ALL OF US bicker about.

"Hey babe, don't touch the laundry that I LAY ON TOP OF THE HAMPER. I'm not sure whether it's dirty or clean, so please just leave it alone!"

Sorry about that. I'm back. So yeah, you should totally go buy Mom vs. Dad, it's like comedy and family therapy all in one!

Taylor Calmus, creator of Dude Dad, and host of Super Dad on the Magnolia Network
Watching Lucy and Tom take the gloves off and bicker with one another from a place of love and respect is not only endearing, but HILARIOUS. Every fight or disagreement in this book is something that my wife and I have locked horns on more than once! Use it for a good laugh with your partner, topics of discussion over dinner with other couples or maybe even a way to address that ONE thing your spouse does that absolutely drives you nuts...Mom vs. Dad opens the door to achieving marital bliss....maybe.—Adrian Kulp, Author of Best-Selling 'We're Pregnant! The First-Time Dad's Pregnancy Handbook & Founder of Award-Nominated parenting blog 'Dad or Alive'
Tommy and Lucy Riles for sure have a camera set up in our house! We laughed hysterically at the relatability of each topic. If you're looking to enjoy a good read with your spouse that includes a little lighthearted banter, it's Mom vs. Dad.—Chris and Lindsay Balmert, Team Balmert
Finally, Tommy and Lucy Riles, have come up with the definitive rule book concerning parenting. This unintentional sequel to the groundbreaking book, The Joy of Sex could easily have been called, The Misery of Kids. In this comprehensive and hilarious contest for the title of "head of the household", they lay out the terms for the ultimate battle of Mom vs. Dad. And although I'm still pretty sure I'm going to lose most, if not every argument with my wife, at least now I know why. This should be required reading for any couple who are thinking about having kids.—Jamie Kaler, Actor, Comic, and Creator of The DadLands,
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Mom vs. Dad

The Not-So-Serious Guide to the Stuff We're All Fighting About

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The hilarious husband and wife team behind the massive online communities "Life of Mom" and "Life of Dad" share honest advice and contrasting perspectives about marriage and parenting with their millions of followers.

While a husband and wife's parenting styles may be worlds apart, they both have the same goal: to raise happy kids who feel unconditionally loved. Mom vs. Dad is packed with sidesplitting and vulnerable personal essays from the trenches of parenthood. In this book, Lucy and Tom Riles tackle relatable topics such as:
  • Is bringing a toaster oven to a 5-star resort tacky or genius?
  • Is it appropriate to lick your plate clean at a restaurant?
  • Does the expiration date on food really matter?

Illustrations of family life will also be included in this intimate and inspiring narrative about the challenges and triumphs of raising children. Mom vs. Dad is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a relatable couple to guide them through some of the toughest (and funniest) issues parents face today.