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Bipolar Disorder Demystified

Mastering the Tightrope of Manic Depression

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Jan 30, 2003

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Whether you've been diagnosed or suspect you may have bipolar disorder, learn the important facts about symptoms, coping strategies, and common myths in this eloquent and useful guide.

Each year, at least 2.3 million Americans are diagnosed with severe bipolar disorder,which is characterized by intense high and low moods, while an estimated 10–13 million others experience its milder forms. In Bipolar Disorder Demystified, author Lana Castle, who has lived the better part of her life with this illness, has turned her personal experience into a helpful resource for all those who travel down the same path.

In clear and honest language, Castle helps readers understand the true nature of bipolar disorder, the factors that complicate its diagnosis, and effective coping strategies. Bipolar Disorder Demystified makes great strides in dispelling the mystery surrounding this illness, helping readers decide if it’s time to seek treatment, and providing those with any form of mood disorder the information they need to more easily manage their lives.

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Praise, 7/11/13
“Using a balance of practicality and eloquence, Castle helps [readers] understand the true nature of bipolar disorder.”
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