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By Kurt Wenzel

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Los Angeles, a few years from now. Technology has changed the rules of the movie business with old, long-dead stars brought digitally back to life. Billboards cover every available surface of the city, beaming out a constant flood of commercials starring the likes of John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, and–the great exception, the last “real” movie star–Colt Reston.

But something is going wrong: A group of anti-tech rebels are attacking the billboards, inspired by a mysterious manifesto known as “The Black Book.” A burnt out screenwriter addicted to the latest hot drug finds his world wobbling. Colt takes ill with an unexplained disease–perhaps literally dying of overexposure. A guru who might know why has vanished. And then Montgomery Clift suddenly walks off his virtual set and goes AWOL….

A blistering mash-up of William Gibson, The Ring, and Chuck Palahniuk, EXPOSURE is a great step forward for Kurt Wenzel. Convulsive and thrilling, EXPOSURE is a
devastating tour de force by one of the best novelists working today.


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Jul 18, 2007
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272 pages

Kurt Wenzel

About the Author

Kurt Wenzel is the acclaimed author of Lit Life and Gotham Tragic. He and his wife live in East Hampton, New York, and Manhattan.

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