Restorative Poses for Deep Relaxation


By Kristen Rentz

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Millions of Americans work all day and worry all night, then wake up, get back on the ride, and do it all over again. As a yoga instructor who is also an entertainment lawyer, Kristen Rentz understands what it means to feel wound up and stressed out. She initially developed her YogaNap program to help herself deal with the physical and mental rigors of law school, and quickly found that her students and peers eagerly gravitated to her methods. Using props to support the body, the YogaNap system holds readers in restorative yoga poses that are appropriate for everyone regardless of age or flexibility. YogaNap yields a deeper level of relaxation than an afternoon snooze, leaving the body feeling calm, almost weightless, and thoroughly stress free.


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Sep 27, 2005
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Kristen Rentz

About the Author

As an entertainment lawyer by weekday and Yoga Works yoga instructor by weekend, Kristen Rentz knows what it means to be stressed out. With the help of her immensely popular YogaNap techniques, she maintains a busy but relatively blissed out existence in Los Angeles, CA.

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