The Rocky Horror Cookbook

50 Savory, Sweet, and Seductive Recipes from the Cult Musical [Officially Licensed]

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By Kim Laidlaw

Foreword by Richard O’Brien

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From the depths of Dr. Frank-N-Furter's laboratory comes 50 culinary concoctions to titillate the taste buds of Rocky Horror fans, in this lip-smacking officially licensed cookbook based on the cult classic stage musical.

Never worry about the likes of Brad and Janet crashing your party; there will be plenty of food for everyone with this delightful and delectable cookbook beamed directly from the galaxy Transylvania to your kitchen. Give your guests a little tease with appetizers like Magenta Mash(ed) Potato Cakes and Thrill Me Chill Me Spicy Gazpacho. The main courses—which can be served in either the dining room or bedroom—offer scintillating options like Rocky’s Mussels, Riff Raff Ramen, and Slow-Cooked Thigh Ragu that will have you shivering in antici…

…pation. Wash it all down with a Make You a Man-hattan before biting into Midnight Double Chocolate Feature Brownies for dessert. With a foreword by Rocky Horror creator Richard O'Brien, The Rocky Horror Cookbook will have long-time fans and newly discovered creatures of the night singing in unison, "Don't dream it. Eat it."

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Sep 3, 2024
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136 pages
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Kim Laidlaw

About the Author

Kim Laidlaw is a cookbook author, editor, and recipe developer. She is the author or coauthor of eight cookbooks, including bestsellers The Nightmare Before Christmas Cookbook, Emily in Paris: The Official Cookbook, and Five Marys Ranch Raised Cookbook, as well as the upcoming Clueless: The Official Cookbook and numerous Williams Sonoma cookbooks. Kim has managed hundreds of cookbook projects, including Kendall-Jackson’s Season, winner of the 2019 IACP Book of the Year. Her clients include Disney, Netflix, Weber, Hog Island, KitchenAid, American Girl, and more. She is a former professional baker and baking instructor at the San Francisco Cooking School and owns Cast Iron Media, LLC. Kim lives in Petaluma, California, with her Scottish husband, their always-entertaining daughter, and a bountiful home garden.

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