Still Distracted After All These Years

Help and Support for Older Adults with ADHD


By Kathleen G. Nadeau, PhD

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One of the foremost ADHD experts tackles adult cases in the aging generation and offers a practical, helpful guide for those with and without a diagnosis

Do you…
  • Forget to pay bills
  • Live in a disorganized environment
  • Struggle with depression and anxiety
  • Procrastinate on projects, even ones that initially excite you
  • Have high levels of conflict with those close to you
  • Have a child diagnosed with ADHD and/or a family history of learning disorders

If some of these patterns sound familiar, you may have undiagnosed ADHD. ADHD in adults is one of the most common disorders. Living with ADHD in our later years is hugely influenced by multiple factors: co-occurring issues, such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and learning disorders combined with a heightened level of stress, the presence or lack of support from others, and the number of people we are responsible for, can complicate and intensify the effects of ADHD.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn more about how older adults with ADHD can lead calmer, happier, more productive lives. Dr. Kathleen Nadeau, a foremost authority on ADHD, has been working with this underserved and underrepresented population. Dedicated to the health and wellbeing of today’s older adults with ADHD, Still Distracted After All These Years offers strategies to  build a support system, gain better control over your daily life and create a more ADHD-friendly retirement.

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Kathleen G. Nadeau, PhD

About the Author

Kathleen Nadeau, PhD is the founder and clinical director of the largest private ADHD specialty clinic in the US. She has practiced psychology in the Washington, DC area since the early 1970’s and is the author, co-author, or editor of many books on ADHD including the bestselling ADD-friendly Ways to Organize Your Life, Understanding Girls with ADHD, and Understanding Women with ADHD. She received the CHADD Hall of Fame Award in 1999 for her groundbreaking work on girls and women.

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