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The Minority Council

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May 1, 2012

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576 Pages




Matthew Swift, sorcerer, Midnight Mayor, is in charge. Or so he’d like to think. London, being London, is having its issues. Drug use is rampant. Teenage vandalism is driving away business. Violent crimes are on the rise. Once upon a time, Matthew Swift wouldn’t have cared. Now it’s his mess to clean up.

Especially when the new drug on the market is fairy dust and the production process involves turning humans into walking drug labs. And when the teenage vandals are being hunted by a mystical creature. And when the petty criminals of London start dying by magical means.

It becomes clear that not only is this Swift’s mess to clean up, but someone is trying to tell him how to do his job. Now he has to sort out who’s behind the crime wave and who’s interfering in his business. Swift has a lot of old enemies and few friends. If he’s going to save London from a rising tide of blood — he’s going to have to learn his lessons and fast.

What's Inside

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Praise for the Matthew Swift series:

"The Minority Council is that rare thing, a novel sufficiently well-written to transcend genre considerations through sheer readability" - Marylebone Journal

"London's magic has seldom if ever been brought to life so electrifyingly and convincingly." --- Mike Carey

"I'm fully convinced that Kate Griffin is a literary sorceress. She weaves the most intricate spells with clever, artful, snarky, luxurious prose, characters who are both painfully human and gloriously badass, and settings so magical you forget they're real places. When I get my hands on a new Kate Griffin book I put down everything else. She's just that good." --- N.K. Jemisin

"Griffin's novel mixes fantasy and reality into a plot that brings to mind Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere." --- RT Book Reviews

"Griffin's lush prose and chatty dialogue...create a wonderful ambiance." --- Publishers Weekly

"I love a lot of things about this book....the narration has meat and vitality, and it sings. Griffin's updating of magic is simply brilliant." --- Charles de Lint

"You need to read this series. Hands down." ---

"Quite possibly the best urban fantasy novel I had ever read." ---

"The people are complex and compelling. It's these characters, and the interplay between them, that help the novel shine" - SFX

"Griffin has nailed it... fun" - SciFi Now
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