Al Fresco

Inspired Ideas for Outdoor Living


By Julie Pointer Adams

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An Ode to Living and Gathering in Nature

A picnic on the beach. Cocktails and a snack at sunset. Sharing a potluck meal around the fire, and letting the night drift lazily along in the pleasures of roasting marshmallows and swapping stories. Getting together in nature, with food and drink, is among the most restorative rituals we can experience, fostering a kind of intimacy and ease that’s rare in any other setting.

Al Fresco, with its fresh, delicious recipes and unexpected ideas, its tips for exploring new ways to get outdoors, its interviews with dozens of kindred spirits, is an inspiring and beautiful playbook for anyone who wants to spend more time outside with friends and family. The credo is simple: Nature opens us up to ourselves, and the food we share opens us up to each other.

  • “[A] delectable paean to outdoor dining . . . Readers are sure to savor the stories and flavors packed within this delightful outing.”
    Publishers Weekly

    “Julie’s fuss-free approach to entertaining is refreshing, and Al Fresco homes in on why we are so moved and transformed by the simple act of eating outdoors.”
    —Sarah Britton, author and creator of My New Roots
    Al Fresco is a stunning reminder not to wait for some future date to experience the beauty and freedom that nature offers.”
    —Camille Styles, founder and editor in chief of Camille Styles
    Al Fresco reminds us of the deep healing that takes place when we get out into nature—preferably with something good to eat and share. This book urges us to be less perfectionistic about how and what we serve and instead to focus on creating connection and being present.”
    —Amy Chaplin, James Beard Award–winning author of Whole Food Cooking Every Day
    “Julie has a way of making simple everyday rituals feel beautiful and meaningful. This book is sure to inspire us to intertwine our lives a little more intentionally with nature and each other. ”
    —Amanda Jane Jones, designer and illustrator
    “With seasonal recipes and thoughtful tips for gathering, each page is a true celebration of everyday entertaining.”
    —Jenni Kayne, founder of lifestyle brand Jenni Kayne

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May 24, 2022
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Julie Pointer Adams

Julie Pointer Adams

About the Author

Julie Pointer Adams is a photographer, writer, and creative consultant based in Santa Barbara, California, where she lives with her husband and son. Formerly the visionary behind the original series of global gatherings for Kinfolk Magazine, she has since worked as a stylist, art director, floral designer, and content creator for clients and collaborators all over the world.

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