Tessa Miyata Is So Unlucky

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By Julie Abe

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In this thrilling new adventure, Tessa Miyata and her best friend Jin must battle the gods… and win. With magic abound and stakes higher than ever, this is a perfect pick for fans of Amari and the Night Brothers

After her first adventure in Tokyo, Tessa Miyata is having the best summer of her life with her best friend, Jin. Still, she wonders if she'll ever see Kit, the mythical Unlucky God that Tessa and Jin freed, or the last magical city again. 

Then, Tessa and Jin get magical, talking invitations informing them that they've been chosen to attend the Academy of Gods– to battle immortals on behalf of the Unlucky God! Win, and they'll be given the gift of immortality. Lose, and they'll forget everything they learned about the magical city and Kit will cease to exist. Tessa and Jin may be God Blessed, but they’re mortals amongst gods… Can they defeat the other clans? or will they lose Kit forever?


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Aug 20, 2024
Page Count
400 pages