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Astrology for Black Girls

A Beginner's Guide for Black Girls Who Look to the Stars

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Regular Price $14.99

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Astrology for Black Girls is a charming introduction to the wonders of self-discovery and empowerment through the Zodiac.

Astrology for Black Girls gives young girls information and context for the core foundations of the Zodiac. This book provides the perfect introduction to the sun, moon, rising signs, and more. Speaking directly to black girls, author and life-long astrology practitioner Jordannah Elizabeth address:
  • Practicing both Faith and Astrology
  • Talking to Family and Friends about the stars
  • Using the Zodiac for discovery and understanding 
 Complete with four-color illustrations by Chellie Carroll throughout, this beautiful book will capture the imagination of middle-grade Black girls for years to come.

What's Inside

An image of how to calculate your birth chart

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"Elizabeth provides an easy-to-read guide to understanding the sun, moon, and rising signs. The book also provides a guide to talking to family and friends about astrology, and the author also addresses how faith and astrology can coincide. Young girls will also appreciate learning how understanding the Zodiac can help them understand themselves and those around them. The book also comes with beautiful illustrations by Black illustrator Chellie Carroll, making this a book that can stay on shelves for many years." - Buzzfeed 

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